- A+ Research Paper_largeWish to learn how to write an essay from A to Z? For some students, there is nothing easier, but the majority of undergraduates share their bad experiences with any sort of academic writing. Fortunately for them, today there are many ways to save time and overcome problems with homework assignments. For example, students may order professional help online. They can find and download free essay examples from academic websites. At last, they can get templates that make the process of formatting faster and simpler.

The main rule of this dreaded task is to avoid procrastination. You may learn what procrastination in education means by reading the given article. In short, it is better to start working on your project ASAP. You will need time to check the entire information, so try to write your essay before the deadline. Make a schedule and look at it to keep in touch with your assignments.

Next, if you have a topic assigned by your teacher, you might want to move directly to the research process. If there is no topic or even example of it, look for the one on the internet. Try to choose a recently discussed topic which relates to your class.

Types of Primary and Secondary Sources of Information

1 (11)Provide the readers of your essay with the recent sources. They should not be older than 5-10 years. The primary sources include:

  • Textbooks
  • Books
  • Academic and Scholar journals
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Official reports
  • Documentaries
  • Broadcasts

As for the secondary sources, you may choose relevant information from the:

  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews

Record your sources each time you include a citation or an interesting fact. Show that you understand the key concepts of the work with the help of various sources.

There are several types of research you may involve when writing an essay. More information on types of research may be found online.

Once you’re done with the topic choice and selection of relevant sources, start the writing process with the essay draft. State the main question, and follow the general school/college/university paper structure (introduction, body, and conclusion).

How to Write Essay – Typical Academic Paper Structure

IELTS-preparation-writingIntroduction and conclusion parts are usually alike for all types of essays and research papers. You can see a lot of examples online. As for the body, it may consist of 3-5 simple paragraphs with the relevant arguments to defend your thesis, or it may have a much more complicated structure. If you are writing a research paper, the order remains the same, but the structure of body paragraphs may change. It usually includes methodology, findings, and discussion. Use an excellent example of research paper online to write a good piece.

When you use direct or indirect citations, follow the required writing style. You may read more about various paper formats and view examples on the internet. Thus, there is no need to memorize them by heart. Write your essay with a good example in front of you.

Support each new paragraphs of the body part with a powerful argument at the beginning of each sentence. You need to pick evidence from the recent and relevant sources only. You may not include your own ideas and thoughts as arguments unless you are asked to write a reflective essay.

A conclusion paragraph is the last point of any essay which has to summarize different arguments and restate thesis statement. The basic goal is to prove that what you write makes sense and defend the main idea of the essay.

Usually, students have to write more than one essay at a time. When you cannot write a word, it is better to avoid problems by ordering a custom paper online. It is an easy way to present the material clearly so that your teacher rewards you with an “A.” There is one service online which can save your time, nerves, and money which you could spend on needless sources like textbooks. The name of your personal essay dealer is Nerdy Mates. This article was sponsored by Nerdy Mates.


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